Anemoi are partnering with Lloyd’s Register and SDARI ship design to create AiP certified Rotor Sail vessel designs


Link to the Lloyd’s Register Press Release

View the full press release as issued by Lloyd’s Register on 27/11/2020.


Project Overview

Anemoi Marine Technologies (Anemoi) has signed a joint development project (JDP) with Lloyd’s Register (LR) and Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute (SDARI) to develop a series of new energy efficient vessel designs equipped with Rotor Sails.

By bringing together the original equipment manufacturer, designer, regulator and shipowner, we’re breaking down potential barriers and forming a path for the commercial success of installed Rotor Sail technology onboard ships.

As the need to decarbonise the shipping industry becomes more imminent, this JDP marks an important milestone in the journey that the industry is taking and further demonstrates LR’s commitment to accelerating this transition. Through this JDP we look forward to working with the key stakeholders to develop designs that will meet current and future environmental targets  
Mark Darley
Lloyd’s Register Marine & Offshore Chief Operating Officer
Anemoi are proud to be teaming up with industry leaders in ship design and classification to develop new energy efficient rotor sail vessel designs for bulkers and tankers. This partnership will help owners and charterers select rotor sail technology to future-proof their vessels in line with regulatory, environmental and commercial drivers. The AiP approved rotor sail vessel designs will give owners confidence when evaluating the technology for either wind ready or full installations. This development, coupled with our collaboration with Wartsila will facilitate volume production and technology roll out at scale  
Nick Contopoulos
Anemoi Chief Operating Officer
Under the ambitious IMO 2030 and 2050 targets for marine decarbonisation, as a ship designer, we are very interested in any positive research to improve ship efficiency. This JDP will give us an opportunity to cooperate with the innovation supplier and Class. We will work together and hope to supply more green vessels to the shipping market and contribute to environmental protection throughout the shipping industry  
Mr Wang Gang Yi
Chief Engineer, SDARI

What does this mean for the industry?

At the end of this project, off the shelf Rotor Sail ship designs with approval in principle (AiP), also known as ‘Wind Ready’, will be available for the global market. The designs will include various sizes in Anemoi’s range of Rotor Sails and the Fixed, Rail and Folding Deployment systems.

‘Wind Ready’ ships are prepared to receive Rotor Sails at any point in the lifespan of the ship, meaning the upfront integration work has been completed and adding the Rotor Sails is a simple lift and drop operation.

Initially the project will cover six ships in the Bulker and Tanker sectors:

  • 85,000 DWT Bulk Carrier
  • 210,000 DWT Bulk Carrier
  • 325,000 DWT Very Large Ore Carrier (VLOC)
  • 114,000 DWT Aframax Tanker
  • 50,000 DWT MR Tanker
  • Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) Tanker

What are the benefits of making a ship ‘Wind Ready’?

The first benefit is regulatory; adding Rotor Sails can help ships comply with the EEDI and future EEXI, which will come into force January 2023.

By making a ship ‘Wind Ready’, installation of the Rotor Sails can be staggered to follow EEDI and EEXI development. As new phases are mandated, additional Rotor Sails can be easily installed to meet the next phase. This is a low CAPEX option, offering ship owners flexibility and the ability to spread their investment of the technology.

The second main advantage of ‘Wind Ready’ vessels, is that the Rotor Sails can be moved from one ‘Wind Ready’ ship to another in a simple portside operation. Rotor Sails have a typical design life of 25 years, so if the technology is used to make an older ship compliant, they can be moved to a new ‘Wind Ready’ ship, when the older ship reaches the end of its life, therefore further securing return on investment.

I’m interested in making my ship/fleet ‘Wind Ready’, how can I find out more?

Get in touch with us via [email protected] if you’d like to know more about the project and its potential application for your fleet.