Rotor Sail Deployment Systems

Our range of Deployment Systems have been specially designed to ensure our Rotor Sails do not impact vessel operations.

Anemoi was born from a group of shipping professionals with an in-depth understanding of the industry and the operational complexities which could act as barriers for Rotor Sails. Bulk carriers are a prime example of this, undertaking complex cargo loading and unloading operations, whilst other vessels may sail on routes where air draft needs to be considered.

Our deployment systems

We have a system to suit any need

Fixed System

As standard, our Rotor Sails are installed on a Fixed system. This means their foundation is fixed to the deck and the Rotor Sails cannot be readily repositioned. The system is suitable for all vessel types, however we recommend it for Tankers, Ferries and RoRos where the technology will not interfere with cargo operations and air draft is not a consideration, or the Rotor Sails are below the height of the existing vessel air draft.

Rail System

For vessels with more complex cargo operations, such as Bulk Carriers, we recommend our Rail System. As demonstrated in the video, this system allows the Rotor Sails to be moved along (longitudinally) or across (transversely) the deck when the ship is in port, ensuring cargo loading and unloading operations are not impacted.  The Rail System is easily operated by two crew members and only takes 10 minutes for the Rotor Sails to be repositioned. This system has been successfully installed on two ships, including Lloyd’s List “Ship of the Year” winner, the m/v Afros. Read more about this installation in our case studies section.

Folding System

We also offer a Folding System. This option is recommended for Bulk Carriers or any vessel operating on routes with air draft restrictions.
As demonstrated in the video, Rotor Sails can be lowered from vertical to horizontal using a hydraulic system. It operates on a simple push button basis, taking less than 10 minutes to be lowered or raised.
Anemoi successfully installed the first full scale Folding Rotor Sail at our UK-based test facility in 2014. Live demonstrations at the facility are available on request for prospective clients.

Fuel & Emission Saving Assessments

See how much you could save

The first step in understanding the potential of Anemoi Rotor Sails for your vessel is for us to undertake a fuel and emission saving assessment. By sending us some specific information about your vessel(s), we can provide a bespoke Rotor Sail arrangement and estimate of your potential savings.

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