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Installation and project delivery


Feasibility Study

During this phase we conduct analysis of Rotor Sails and Deployment Installation options, including sizing and quantity, in order to optimise the arrangement in line with client requirements.



Once the Rotor Sail configuration has been agreed, Anemoi can support the client on all levels throughout the ship integration process for structural foundations and Deployment Systems, cabling, electrical and mechanical installations.


Class Approval

Dependent on the client’s requirements, Anemoi support through all stages of the approval process. Rotor Sails and associated Deployment Systems are certified in accordance with leading classification society rules.


Vessel Integration

We provide supervision services throughout the integration phase, in accordance with client requirements. If retrofitting Rotor Sails, integration is planned to be conducted during a periodic survey or special survey so vessel business is not disturbed. Newbuild integrations are completed during the newbuilding programme.


Equipment Installation

Rotor Sails and all associated equipment are delivered to the dockside, ready for installation. Anemoi supervise full equipment installation. Each Rotor is installed in a single crane lift and connected to the foundation on the ship’s deck. A typical installation of Rotor Sails on board a vessel can be completed in a day.



After Rotors are installed and all cables are connected, Anemoi will commission the system prior to hand over to the client. This stage ensures safe operation and compliance with Class requirements and testing.


Training & Support

We offer full training to crew and shore-based staff during the hand over period. Anemoi can provide further training services as required. Anemoi offer lifecycle support, data analysis and periodic reporting.

At the beginning of all our projects, Anemoi conduct a case-by-case feasibility study to determine the optimal equipment layout. The configuration assessment includes the size, quantity, deployment and location of the Rotor Sails on your vessel. Key considerations include cargo operations, available deck space, proximity to existing structures that may affect aerodynamic performance and structural arrangement of vessel deck for development of foundation structure. Safety and regulatory considerations that are addressed include compliance checks

related to stability, navigation (visibility, navigation lights and radar), helicopter operations and safe access on deck. Anemoi offer full project management throughout, from feasibility to installation. This includes providing technical specifications to shipyards and designers to carry out the vessel integration and supplying the necessary documentation for Class approval. By overseeing the project from start to finish, we ensure smooth running of all key milestones, quality assurance and a full understanding of operational requirements is achieved.

It’s a pleasure being the captain of the Afros. I was present at the time of installation and getting the Rotors fitted was straightforward and took only a few days. The crew received the Rotors very well and Anemoi went above and beyond when it came to training – taking the time to ensure everyone felt comfortable operating the rotors, which are remarkably simple to use.  
Captain Moromalos Georgios
m/v Afros


Minimal crew input is required to use Anemoi Rotor Sails due to the automated control unit, however, to ensure the maximum benefit is extracted and the equipment is well understood, Anemoi provide full training for the crew and on-shore technical departments.

  • All our rotors are automated and respond to the wind conditions to maximise performance with no crew interaction required.
  • All safety features, shutdowns and alarms are automatic.
  • Crew interaction is required when using our Folding and Rail Deployment Systems. This requires 1-2 crew members and takes approximately 10-15 to move each Rotor. This can be easily carried out before the cargo operations commence.
  • Additional training after delivery and throughout the 25 year lifespan of the Rotor Sail technology can also be provided as required.

Data Analysis

Anemoi conducts extensive analysis of environmental and performance data. This forms the basis of our in-house research and development. The land-based prototype and sea-going installations harvest data across a range of demanding environmental and operational conditions. Anemoi’s data processing and analysis expertise is embedded in our selection of powerful modelling and control software tools. We use these techniques to deliver client reporting including:

  • Real-time data acquisition, ship to shore
  • Performance reporting
  • Condition based maintenance (CBM)
  • Advice on optimising machine performance

Lifecyle Support

Anemoi offer full lifecycle support during the 25 year lifespan of the Rotor Sails. Lifecycle support ensures the Rotor Sails stand the test of time and benefit from technology advancements within the industry.
Lifecycle support includes the following. This list is not exhaustive, please get in contact for more detail.

  • Remote support and troubleshooting
  • Spare parts
  • Software updates
  • Advanced data analysis

We operate globally

Anemoi’s head office is in London, but we operate globally and can supply the technology to ports in Europe and Asia.