Anemoi is a global provider of
proven wind technology, driving a
more sustainable future for the
shipping industry

Driven by invention and motivated by environmental protection, we support the winds of change.  
Kim Diederichsen

Our mission

Every year the shipping industry releases almost a billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Like many other organisations in the industry, Anemoi would like to see this figure reduced dramatically and one day removed all together. To achieve this goal, industry parties need to join forces to develop and adopt emission reduction solutions.

Anemoi Rotor Sails can reduce emissions by up to 30% and, with our patented Deployment Systems, be installed on most merchant vessels. Our mission is to accelerate the maritime industry’s transition to zero emission shipping by delivering market-leading wind technology.

The history of Anemoi


Our Rotor Sail story begins with a group of industry professionals. Having witnessed first-hand the rising emissions caused by shipping, they set out to develop a technology that would provide a more sustainable future for the industry. Various technologies were assessed during this period.

Rising Emissions

Rising Emissions


Following technology evaluation, Flettner Rotors demonstrated the most potential and were selected for further development.

R&D of the Rotors involved wind tunnel and scale model testing. The full-scale proof of concept took place in 2009.

Research & Development

Research & Development


Anemoi built its full-scale test facility in the UK with a highly instrumented prototype with our patented Folding Deployment System. This testing facility harvests valuable data to verify thrust performance and is an R&D hub for continual development and optimisation.

Anemoi Test & Training Facility

Anemoi Test & Training Facility


Following successful technology development and prototype testing, Anemoi Marine Technologies Ltd. was incorporated after the firm support and vision to install our Rotor Sails on board globally trading commercial vessels.


Candidate vessel, m/v Afros, was selected for the pilot installation, leading to the development and production of Anemoi’s Rotor Sails with patented Rail Deployment Systems.

Another candidate vessel, m/v Axios, was selected for ‘Wind Ready’ integration.

m/v Axios ‘Wind-Ready’ Installation

m/v Axios ‘Wind-Ready’ Installation


Product certification from Class was achieved for Anemoi Rotor Sails.

Class plan approval and vessel integration work for both the m/v Afros and m/v Axios was completed with longitudinal and transverse Rail Deployment respectively.


The m/v Afros was delivered with 4 Rotor Sails and Rail Deployment. The vessel set sail on her maiden voyage from China to Australia. This was the first installation on a Dry Bulk Carrier and went on to win numerous international industry awards.

m/v Afros Bulk Carrier Installation

m/v Afros Bulk Carrier Installation


After successful sea testing of Rotor Sail performance and operations, Anemoi’s growth has continued with the development of its senior management team, with a focus on commercialising the technology and go-to-market strategy.


Following significant market interest from owners and key industry stakeholders, Anemoi is continually expanding as we prepare for volume production and technology roll out, while optimising the performance and cost-efficiency of our product portfolio.

A sustainable future of shipping

A sustainable future of shipping


Shipping faces critical challenges now and in the near future. The International Maritime Organisation’s Strategy on Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships is net zero emissions by or around 2050.

Rotor Sails, a proven renewable technology in the shipping space, can help achieve reduction targets, today.
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Anemoi Management Team

Kim Diederichsen
Chief Executive Officer

Kim, who joined Anemoi in November 2019, has a proven track record of successfully commercialising businesses in the Marine, Oil and Gas industries. Kim was educated at the Fanø Marine Academy, where he was certified as a Master Mariner and went on to be a Chief Officer for a large ship management company. He then turned his focus to the commercial aspects of the industry, retraining at Aarhus University and moving into sales, business development and later into Chief Executive roles.

Specialising in business expansion, strategic development and opportunity identification, Kim utilises his Marine background to take a hands-on approach to leadership. He is pleased to be taking Anemoi on its journey to commercialisation, with an innovative, forward-looking product. As a Dane living in London, Kim enjoys showing his family the London sights as well as exploring the countryside with nature walks and visiting historical landmarks.

Clare Urmston
Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Clare joined Anemoi in early 2020, bringing her extensive commercial knowledge from a range of industries. After attending the University of Sheffield, Clare formally trained with one of the big four accounting firms and has gone on to hold numerous executive and non-executive positions in the retail, manufacturing and healthcare sectors. Clare is motivated by the collaborative, start-up culture of Anemoi, and the huge opportunity to grow the business as wind propulsion becomes a go-to decarbonisation solution.

When she’s not in the business, Clare enjoys spending time with her family, property interiors and exercising. She has a keen interest in animal conservation and says that Anemoi’s eco-friendly mission is her opportunity to give back to nature.

Nick Contopoulos
Chief Production and Partnerships Officer

Nick is a Chartered Engineer with a degree in Engineering from the University of Exeter. He has over 18 years’ experience across multi-disciplinary engineering and shipping sectors, with a proven track record of delivering complex engineering projects in Europe and the Far East. Nick is one of the founding members of Anemoi which he took a lead role in setting up, following an established career working at a prestigious ship owning company and as a consultant at some of the world’s largest providers of professional and technical services.

Nick is extremely passionate about innovation and the environment, so delivering renewable wind propulsion solutions to the shipping and maritime sector is a perfect fit as the industry looks for sustainable ways to operate and lower its environmental impact on the natural world.

Luke McEwen
Technical Director

Luke joined Anemoi as Technical Director in August 2020. He previously led a team of 30 engineers in a multinational design consultancy, where he gathered 20 years’ experience designing large, high-strength, lightweight structures in composite materials for marine and wind energy applications. Luke is a chartered engineer with a Masters degree in Engineering from Cambridge University.

Sailing is Luke’s passion; he has sailed around the world in a 35’ yacht and won several national and European championships in racing dinghies, so he understands the power of harnessing the wind at sea, as well as the unique challenges of the marine environment. Luke strongly believes that Rotor Sail technology can substantially reduce the environmental impact of shipping and is committed to helping Anemoi make that happen.

Liam Campbell
Projects Director

Liam is an experienced maritime professional, having worked in senior and director positions in shipyards, classification societies and shipping companies. He joined Anemoi in early 2023 and brought a wealth of strategic growth and business transformation experience.

Liam has managed large organisations and ship newbuild and refit programmes in four different countries for both shipyards and owners. He was also previously responsible for selection of concepts and delivery of the energy efficiency programme for two major ship owners. Liam is a Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering graduate from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.

When he’s not delivering projects, Liam enjoys spending time with his family and friends, cycling and hill walking.

Claes Horndahl
Commercial Director

After studying Industrial Engineering and Management at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden, Claes started his career with one of the leading classification society’s advisory sections. He worked on and managed projects ranging from risk management to operational efficiency and energy savings with clients coming both from the shipping- and offshore industries as well as the governmental sector. Projects spanned the world and Claes has lived and worked both in Europe, Asia and North America. Having worked with chartering of gas tankers, Claes transitioned into commercial activities where he successfully led sales and credit teams on both a European and global basis.

Claes has a proven track record of building successful teams and leading commercial activities on the field. His understanding of a range of aspects of ship owning and ship management comes into good use when helping owners decrease their emissions and saving money.

Anemoi Board of Directors

Dimitri Goulandris
Chairman of the Board

Dimitri set up and runs The Cycladic Group, an investor in, and creator of businesses.  Founded in 2002 to invest capital on behalf of his family and other investors, the Group has invested in over 40 businesses and founded eight in the U.S., Europe, India, Africa and Latin America.

He previously worked in private equity for Whitney & Company and Morgan Stanley having graduated with an MA and BA in Electrical and Information Sciences from Cambridge University, an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He also successfully completed the Singularity University Executive Programme.

Dimitri is an active board member and investor to a number of other emerging companies, in addition to being actively involved in non-for-profit organisations. He is passionate about children’s mental health and learning differences and spends significant time focusing on this area both on a for-profit as well as a charitable basis. He lives in London with his wife, Christina, and their three children.

Alex Singer
Non-Executive Director

Alex has served on Anemoi’s Board since 2017. He provides wealth management and investment advice as principal at Kallisto Wealth & Investments, a Multi-Family Office.

Alex is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and studied Philosophy and Neuroscience at Brown University, Biophysics at Johns Hopkins and holds an MBA from INSEAD. Earlier he worked as a research scientist at Thinking Machines Corp. Alex enjoys hiking and astronomy.

Duncan Stringfellow

Duncan is an accomplished engineer with varied experience in delivering complex engineering projects. He studied General Engineering at Cambridge University before spending 14 years working for a major international Engineering Consultancy where he took on roles of increasing responsibility and technical complexity in buildings, masts, towers, bridges and complex moving structures. Later, Duncan worked as the technical lead on Anemoi’s pilot projects; the m/v Afros and m/v Axios. Duncan is passionate about innovation and the adoption of green technologies to address today’s environmental challenges.

Nick Contopoulos

Kim Diederichsen
Chief Executive Officer

Clare Urmston
Chief Financial Officer

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