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At the core of Anemoi’s mission is the desire to develop solutions that better the world we live in. The Anemoi team all share the same passion for sustainability and environmental protection, which drives us to design innovative, real-world technologies. We do this through state-of-the-art research, testing and analysis, and we believe that the best results are reached through teamwork and collaboration.

If you are a talented engineer, innovator or shipping expert and our mission aligns with your personal principles, we’d love to hear from you! Check below for our latest job openings.


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As a growing company we are always keen to hear from suitably qualified or experienced people who would like to join our team in the UK or China.  If you have marine technology/engineering or naval architecture experience particularly with design, projects or commercial expertise, we would welcome an exploratory discussion with you.

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What our team have to say

The opportunity to work in a close-knit team, with the potential to make a big difference to global emissions, was one that I couldn’t pass up. Since joining Anemoi I have been able to satisfy my engineering-based need to come up with practical solutions to difficult problems, whilst knowing that my work is contributing to a more positive future for my children and future generations.

Joe Plunkett Senior Engineer

I’ve always wanted to be able to use my engineering skills to help to solve the environmental challenges facing the world today and working at Anemoi allows me to do that. I feel proud to be working on developing such an innovative technology for a company which shares my personal values.

Stephanie Ryder Mechanical Engineer

Working as an Engineering Intern at Anemoi during my year in industry placement has given me valuable insight into a professional environment. I’ve gained new skills that I’ll be able to apply in my final year at university and my future career. It’s been really interesting to see the environmental impacts from the shipping industry and seeing how Anemoi is contributing to tackling this issue.

Arun Bhandari Engineering Intern

At Anemoi, it’s clear the values of the employees align with the company’s vision. I’ve been able to work closely with all departments, from Sales to Engineering, which really highlights Anemoi’s collaborative approach to working. The leadership team offer a great combination of professional guidance and empowerment, encouraging team members to come up with new and creative ideas as we commercialise the product.

Eleanor Taylor Marketing Executive